Stop the Predator War in The United States

The Center for Biological Diversity is working to find whoever shot and killed one of Florida’s last remaining panthers — and we need your help.

We’re contributing to a $15,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. Shooting a panther is a felony, and we need to bring this callous killer to justice.

This reward is provided through donations to our Predator Defense Fund, and if you give today, a passionate supporter will match you dollar-for-dollar.

Panthers once roamed across most of the Southeast, but there are now fewer than 180 left in the wild — 51 have died in the past 18 months. They’ve been gunned down and run down as their habitat is destroyed by development, mining and oil exploration. Urgent action is needed to protect them.

And it’s not just Florida panthers that are under the gun — there’s a war on predator species across America. Last year alone USDA’s Wildlife Services killed nearly 800 bobcats, Utah budgeted $400,000 to lobby for the right to exterminate wolves, and “predator derby” killing contests made sport of wiping out these keystone species.

You can help the Center fight these kinds of atrocities with a donation to the Predator Defense Fund. Your gift will be matched if you give in May.

A wilderness without apex predators is a wilderness out of balance. If we allow predators to be erased from the wild, all of our efforts to preserve nature will fall short. We need to protect big cats and wolves, orcas and Arctic foxes, martens and raptors. The Center knows how to save these species — with your support we can restore them to their historic range and protect the integrity of the wild.

Your matched gift is crucial to this work.

For the wild,

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