Stop the “Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act” – It’s Anti-Wildlife

Stand with Wildlife!

Tell your senators to oppose the so-called SHARE Act
and to stop this assault on vulnerable species like elephants and polar bears.

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Polar bears need your help right now

It’s the NRA vs. polar bears.

There’s a dangerous bill making its way to the Senate, and if we don’t stop it in its tracks, it could spell disaster for many of the wild animals you and I love.

This piece of legislation is a sweetheart deal for 41 wealthy trophy hunters who want to import the trophies of polar bears sport-hunted in the Arctic—and that’s just the start of this grab bag of anti-wildlife proposals.

When a trophy hunter killed Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe last year, the world condemned the selfish act and demanded an end to the killing of majestic wild creatures around the globe just for a head-hunting exercise. But this NRA-backed bill would take our country in the opposite direction.

The deadly bill has passed the House, but you can still stop it from being taken up in the Senate. We need 10,000 Humane Society Legislative Fund members to encourage their senators to oppose the SHARE Act—will you stand with majestic wildlife and add your name right now?

The polar bear trophies are just part of this bill’s enormous anti-wildlife agenda. It goes by the innocent-sounding name “Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act,” but don’t be fooled. The name is just another Washington trick.

The SHARE Act would open up millions of acres of federal land to steel-jawed leghold traps—where animals are maimed and struggle for days trying to escape. It would also block the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service from finalizing a rule to close loopholes in the retail ivory trade—which threatens elephants around the world who are poisoned and slaughtered for their tusks.

act now button narrowThere are other troubling provisions in this bill that relate to the use of lead ammunition, which creates toxic pollution that threatens eagles and other birds. The legislation would even make it more difficult for our law enforcement to crack down on the illegal baiting of waterfowl.

The NRA says that this bill is about protecting hunting, but it doesn’t benefit a single rank-and-file hunter—only the trappers, the elephant poachers and ivory traders, and the fat-cats who spend tens of thousands of dollars to travel the globe and trophy hunt the rarest and most majestic creatures on earth. This is just a sop to wealthy trophy hunters like the dentist who killed Cecil, and to NRA lobbyists with deep pockets.

This deadly bill has passed the House, but you can still stop it from being taken up in the Senate. 

Add your name today, Jean, (before it’s too late): Tell your senators to stand for wildlife and wild lands, and say NO to the SHARE Act!

Thanks for all you do,

Mike Markarian
Humane Society Legislative Fund

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