Stop U.S. Bill – [S.1014] – Hurts Innocent Animals

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
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More than 70 percent of Americans agree that cosmetics shouldn’t be tested on animals. Yet tens of thousands of animals are used each year to test the latest mascara or wrinkle cream.

Congress is considering a bill called the Personal Care Products Safety Act (S.1014) that would dramatically increase the number of animals used in cosmetics testing by giving the Food and Drug Administration authority to require animal tests for cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients.

Unfortunately, this bill does not ensure safe cosmetic products because it does not require companies to use human-relevant, nonanimal testing approaches such as cell- and computer-based methods.

Please call or e-mail your senator today and tell him or her we must ban animal tests for cosmetics.

If enacted as currently drafted, the Personal Care Products Safety Act will delay protection from dangerous chemicals by increasing the use of scientifically inferior animal tests. To be effective, cosmetics reform must drive regulatory science forward by focusing on human-relevant testing methods.

The European Union, India, and Israel have all banned the import and sale of animal tested cosmetics and Taiwan recently introduced a similar legislative proposal. These countries recognize that the best way to assess the safety of cosmetics is by moving away from animals tests.

The United States needs to catch up with the global community and require the use of efficient, human-relevant testing methods to protect public health rather than slow, costly, and inhumane animal tests.

The Physicians Committee will push Congress but we need your help. Please call or e-mail your senator today, and tell him or her we must ban animal tests for cosmetics.

After contacting your senator, please forward this message to your friends.

Thank you for your help and compassion.

Kind regards,


Aryenish Birdie
Regulatory Testing Policy Specialist

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