Bird Of The Week- Scarlet Tanger- American Bird Conservancy

Tropical Traveler: Scarlet TanagerIn spring plumage, the male Scarlet Tanager’s beauty comes close to rivaling showy tropical birds like the Green-headed Tanager and Gilt-edged Tanager. Unlike these South American residents, the Scarlet Tanager is a migratory bird that travels long … Continue reading

Prairie Ghost: Mountain Plover – American Bird Conservancy

Full Headers Printable View Prairie Ghost: Mountain PloverThe name “Mountain” Plover is misleading, since this is a species of shortgrass prairies. It’s also nicknamed “Prairie Ghost” for its habit of freezing in place when threatened, blending perfectly into its grassy surroundings. … Continue reading

Winter Work For Warblers-American Bird Conservancy

As winter arrives, it might seem an odd time to think about the breeding grounds of Golden-winged Warblers. But in fact, winter in Minnesota is the perfect time to prepare for spring’s return of these beautiful, but rapidly declining, birds. … Continue reading