Stronger Laws For Animals – No Tolerance For Abuse and Torture!

Introduction By Jean Furs:  Why do some people abuse animals? In my opinion they abuse animals because of their flawed character; their belief that animals are not feeling creatures and simply because they can. Who’s to stop them? Some people … Continue reading

Stop Taxpayer Money Used for Animal Abuse

Petitioning President of the United States Taxpayers Should Not Have to Pay for Animal Abuse Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) Washington, DC President Trump wants to shrink the government. The White House is even seeking the public’s opinion on which government agencies … Continue reading

CT -Support For Animals That Are Neglected or Treated Cruelly – HB 5344

Taken from The Humane Society of The United States Please help by finding your legislators and calling them and asking them to support this bill:   SUPPORT of HB 5344, An Act Concerning Support for Animals that are Neglected or … Continue reading

Animal Abuse Registry Pushed in Connecticut

Taken from the Waterbury Republican-American Tuesday, January 19, 2016 By Susan Haigh Associated Press No pet transfer without checking list, plan says  “What we have seen clearly is a linkage between animal abuse, domestic abuse, child abuse, substance abuse and … Continue reading