International Production & Processing Expo in Atlanta-Subject: Chickens

PETITION UPDATE TODAY: Join our tweetstorm to Tyson during major poultry industry expo! Compassion Over Killing FEB 1, 2018 — Tweet @TysonFoods TODAY! As thousands converge in Atlanta for the “world’s largest annual poultry, feed, and meat technology exposition,” urge Tyson … Continue reading

Stop Buying Tyson Chicken until Tyson Stops Starving Birds

Tyson: Stop Starving Birds Compassion Over Killing Tyson Foods keeps its breeder birds perpetually starving and desperate for food. When I started my investigation, I was prepared to see animals forced to live in miserable conditions, but I wasn’t prepared … Continue reading

Bird of The Week – American Bird Conservancy

Plains Performer: Lesser Prairie-ChickenThe Lesser Prairie-Chicken is slightly smaller than its close relative, the Greater Prairie-Chicken. Like that species, males perform elaborate courtship dances each spring at group display sites known as leks.The species name, pallidicinctus, derives from the Latin … Continue reading

19,000 Chickens Burn to Death in Maryland Chicken Shed Sept. 2, 2015

5 September 2015   19,000 Chickens Burn to Death in Maryland Chicken Shed Sept. 2nd   “Provide Fire Protection for Farmed Animals”: Opinion by Karen Davis Published in DelmarvaNow, Sept. 4, 2015 Re: Deborah Gates, “19,000 chickens die in Willards … Continue reading