Teach Your High-Energy Hyperactive Dog to Relax



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Glass shatters all over the kitchen and your dog goes nuts.


You yell, “Rover, go to your place!” He listens and lays down. Crisis averted! Right?

Don’t we wish! Truth is, most of us have well-mannered dogs but unplanned events can really rile them up!

The Whole Dog Journal has an exclusive new eBook for you. Calm Down, Rover! Teach Your High-Energy, Hyperactive Dog To Chill Out & Relax is a must-have for pet parents who just need to help their pooch calm down…in everyday situations and in unexpected situations.

Worried that he might be clinically hyperactive? Calm Down Rover! includes an easy at-home test for ADHD; and tells you when you should see a vet.

Calm Down Rover! lays out what we do that makes them nuts, and what we should do to help them relax. You’ll learn…

  • The “cute” behavior that is actually a sign of increased anxiety; watch out for this!
  • How to identify what makes your dog go nuts.
  • How to install a crazy canine “off-switch.” Retrain his brain so he’ll learn to relax on cue!
  • When it’s appropriate to use a leash or tether and when it makes his behavior worse…

Don’t miss out on this must-have, exclusive training manual. Once you buy it, you’ll have instant access to these vital training techniques. We all owe it to our dogs to understand why they act the way they do.

Calm Down Rover! is only available from The Whole Dog Journal. You won’t be able to find it anywhere else. Download it today!



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