Tell Balinese Officials that Vaccinating Dogs Stops Rabies – Not Slaughter

Have you signed our petition to help us stop the cruel dog cull in Bali? I need you to tell Balinese officials that vaccinating dogs is the only effective way to stop rabies. Please act now to help us Stop the Slaughter of dogs in Bali.

Thank you,
Kate Atema
Kate Atema

Director, IFAW’s Companion Animals Program

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Bali dog
Help save Bali’s suffering dogs
It turns my stomach, the reports and photos I’ve seen of the Bali dog slaughter in response to some cases of rabies.
Piles of dead dogs at the side of the road … they were darted with poison and suffered agonizing deaths. And then they were tossed away like trash.

I will spare you from seeing the heartbreaking photos I’ve seen of the victims of this dog cull. But I need you to know about this because I urgently need your help to stop it.

Help us Stop the Slaughter

I’ve witnessed tragic animal suffering in all corners of the world. But this is one of the most shocking displays of cruelty I’ve seen.

Bali’s government killing teams move through the streets and beaches in search of any roaming dogs – even family pets and vaccinated dogs may be targeted.

The teams shoot poisonous darts at the dogs, causing the dogs to convulse in pain as their life slowly drains from them.

The Governor of Bali ordered the large-scale slaughter of any dog found on the streets in response to some cases of rabies.

Health experts have proven that mass vaccination campaigns are the best way to stop rabies.

We’re working to end this cruel cull, and we need your help now!

Help us save Bali’s dogs

You’ve shown that you care about animals and what happens to them.

This is your chance to take action to save them from terrible cruelty.

Please take action today to help protect Bali’s dogs.

Sign our petition now

We’ll collect the signatures and present them to Balinese officials. And we’re also working within Bali to help local communities stand up to this cull.

The Bali Government needs to hear from as many people as possible, both inside and outside of Bali. Tell them that killing dogs is not the answer to stop rabies, and that vaccinating dogs is the only way to safeguard human and animal health.

Speak up for the dogs now

Thank you for helping,

Kate Atema Kate Atema
Kate Atema

Director, IFAW’s Companion Animals Program
P.S. We’ve heard reports that even some vaccinated dogs have been killed in this slaughter. We need to stop it now! Take action to Stop the Slaughter.
Help us stop the Bali dog slaughter
Bali dog
So many dogs are dying – even family pets – in a misguided effort to eradicate rabies in Bali. But health officials agree that vaccinations are the key to stopping rabies, not mass slaughters.
Poisoned dogs are dying slow and painful deaths. Please tell Balinese officials to stop this cruel dog cull.
Act now to help us Stop the Slaughter.
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