Tell U.S.Senators Don’t Destroy Alaska’s Tongass National Forest

Tell your Senators: Don’t destroy the Tongass National Forest!

Congress is trying to strip protections for Alaska’s Tongass National Forest.

This would threaten wild salmon and sensitive ecosystems like glaciers, fjords and old-growth rainforest. And it would leave the forest vulnerable to destruction from logging and fossil fuel development.

Republican leaders are trying to sneak this attack on our wild places through by attaching it to the arcane, complex budget process. We need your help to stop them!

Tell your Senators: Don’t destroy the Tongass National Forest!

The legislation Congress is considering would exempt the Tongass National Forest from the Roadless Conservation Rule — the most significant forest conservation measure of the last century. The Roadless Rule protects nearly 50 million acres of forests from logging and new roads.

The Roadless Rule ensures that these protected areas are able to provide clean drinking water. It stops the logging industry from destroying some of our country’s most sensitive wild places and the wildlife that depends on them. And it keeps our natural heritage intact for millions of visitors each year to enjoy.

But some members of Congress have decided that the timber industry’s profits are more important than preserving our national forests. And if they strip protections for the Tongass, other national forests could be next.

Tell your Senators to stop this attack on our national forests!

Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress are using the budget process to slash our critical environmental protections left and right. They want deep cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency. They’re trying to strip protections for endangered species. And now, they’re trying to hand our national forests over to the timber industry.

Together, we can stop these attacks on our environment. But time is running out — this legislation is moving forward now. Will you speak out today?

Take action now: Stop the Senate from stripping protections for the Tongass National Forest!

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Nicole Ghio,
Fossil fuels program manager,
Friends of the Earth

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