I strive to do the best job humanly possible. My days consist of making sure my customers are happy to have me in their homes providing comfort, care and company for their family members. Please read our reviews, I am happy to provide them.  When you call for an appointment I will give you the telephone numbers to all my references so you can hear it from them yourself.


I am extremely happy and grateful to have found Jean. I have 8 cats and 5 are rescues and the rescues are very skittish. Jean came over to meet them before she actually sat for them and talked to them and some of them even came out to be petted by Jean! When I am away from home, I know that my cats will be taken care of. Jean provides excellent care for my cats. The boxes are always clean, the water is always fresh.  Each cat has their own dish and Jean takes care of them the same way that I do. She leaves me notes about what happened while she was here.

The cats like her very much and she told me they greet her at the door, just as they do when I come in.  I would highly recommend Jean to anyone looking for quality care for their pets.

Angela D’Amico


I had Jean care for my very old dog and two cats while I was away. My dog, especially, required a lot of loving attention and I am completely confident that Jean provided all that was needed and more. I was very impressed that Jean insisted upon a preliminary visit, before my departure, to meet my animals and gain their trust. By the time she left that day, they were all very comfortable with her and I was certain they would be treated kindly and gently as they were lovingly cared for in my absence. During my trip, Jean provided daily e-mails while also making detailed entries into a journal for me to read when I returned home. I found Jean to be very knowledgeable about animals and extremely loving toward them. I was most comfortable leaving my furry loved ones and my home to her care in my absence. I would highly recommend Jean Furs to anyone who is in need of home or pet care.

Judith Arcand



I was going on vacation for two weeks in the summer of 2013, and needed someone to watch my black Lab who had a heart condition and needed medication daily.
I was a little apprehensive about leaving my Lab with just anyone, but the minute I met Jean I felt very confident that my Lab would have the best care. Jean’s caring nature came through right away.
She kept me updated daily on my Lab’s condition and what medication she had given her. When I returned she also gave me a report on her daily visits which was very helpful.
Rest assured, you will be glad you have chosen Jean to take care of your animals.
She is a very knowledgeable and caring person.

Gen Manfredi


Jean took care of my two cats for a little over a week.  She was recommended by my veterinarian. Jean is absolutely extraordinary! She has been hands down the best sitter I have or think I will ever be able to have. Upon our first visit, I immediately connected to her calm, soothing energy, and how well the cats responded to her. She is an animal lover through and through and it shows in everything she does. I knew immediately she was perfect for the girls [my two cats]. Jean e-mailed me the most amazing reports while I was away. She explained what the cats were up to, their temperament, how they greeted her, but what is so extraordinary is the reports were written as a story. I felt I was there too, watching the entire visit. Thanks to Jean she let me know that cats also need some wet food for nutrition. She also left nutritional information and a whole assortment of cat goodies to keep spoiling the girls. On top of that, she left an even more detailed journal of all of the cat’s activities, hand-written in cursive. I was floored! Earlier on this year, I moved back to Texas to be closer to my family. Before leaving, I felt compelled to speak to my vet about the exceptional care that my cats received under her. She really has raised the bar.  To anyone prospective clients, I have two words: lucky them!

Hugo E. Muzza, Texas


I have known Jean for approximately 15 years and she is singularly the most conscientious animal friendly person I have had the pleasure of knowing. When you hire Jean, you hire a person of character and integrity. She is the consummate proponent to animal health and well-being. I strongly recommend her.

Mark Poveromo
Thomaston Feed
Thomaston, CT 

I have known Jean for several years now.  She takes care of my three cats when I am away.  She is very professional, takes wonderful care of my cats, and she is an absolute pleasure to have as my pet sitter and she is someone whom I trust completely in my home.

Anita Ellin


Jean is an incredibly caring, thoughtful and responsible pet sitter. She has stayed overnight with our two [crazy] Dalmatians on many occasions and has done a wonderful job. We are completely relaxed leaving our dogs in her care at our home and know that they are as loved and pampered as if we were at home with them. We cannot recommend Jean more highly! ps-The Girls love her too.

Katie & John O’Neill


Jean is the #1 choice if you are looking for a pet sitter! Jean has stayed at our house or provided multiple visits throughout the day to care for our dogs and cat.  Jean is very loving and gentle with my pets, especially my older ones.  She provides the same level of comfort and caring that I would give to them.  She has always somehow worked me into her schedule, even at a moments notice!  I feel very secure in knowing that Jean is caring for my pets by being there at the times requested, providing play and attention, administering medications, and keeping a journal of her visits.  I completely trust Jean in my house too.  You will not find a more trusting, reliable, and caring person to take care of your pets while away!

Ann Martinelli


Jean Furs has been pet sitting for my dogs for two years. In that time, I have found her to very very reliable.  When we call her she works hard to fit us into her busy schedule.  She is very conscientious while watching the dogs.  I have an older dog that requires a lot of extra care.  Jean is very loving with him and understands his needs.  Even when he has made a mess she has handled the situation without hesitation.  I confidently leave the key to my house with her knowing that when I come home everything will be in its place.  I would recommend Jean to anyone who loves their pets and wants the very best care for them. Sincerely,

Tammy and Paul Couture



Jean has been pet sitting for my cat “Sam” for the past 5 years. I find Jean to be a very responsible and reliable sitter.  She came daily to spend time with Sam.  She made sure he had plenty of food and water, cleaned his litter box and gave Sam plenty of love.  We have peace of mind going on vacation with Jean watching Sam.  I highly recommend Jean for your pet sitting needs.

Peggy Lyon


I found Jean through www.PetSit.com. I was a little hesitant at first but I should have realized how professional and caring Jean is. I would still be using her service if I didn’t move to another state.  I used her services for 6 months and was very happy with it and my dog was too.  She would always write in a journal supplied by her what took place on her visit; it was always interesting and very informative.  I would recommend her services to anyone with pets they love.


Dennis Maestri, Virginia

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