Thank you New York City For Passing Humane Animal Law

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We congratulate New York City for passing a law, on Wednesday, that requires pet shops to show that the animals they sell are bred humanely and not through mills. This step forward arrives a few weeks after we announced an important milestone in our work to improve the lives of animals. In late November, we launched the Animal Protection Index (API) – which assesses 50 countries on their policy and legislation for animals. The index ranks countries on their inclusion of animals in their legislation, their commitments to improve animal welfare and their recognition of animal sentience. New York City’s decision to improve the welfare of animals sold throughout the five boroughs shows that more and more legislators are recognizing the importance of protecting animals. You can check out the API – and read its reports about key issues related to improving animal welfare in each country. The rankings are not only dedicated to farm animal welfare. They also include where countries stand in terms of protecting the welfare of animals kept in captivity, pet animals, working animals, those used in scientific research and wild animals.The API has already started gaining media coverage and will spark long-needed conversations about the important role both the public and private sectors play in protecting animals. The Dodo covered the API in its article Which Countries Are Kindest To Animals”. Lastly, the Animal Protection Index, and so much more, is possible because you choose to give. I hope you know what a difference you are making in the lives of animals.Wishing you a happy holiday season!

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Silia Smith
Interim U.S. Executive Director, World Animal Protection

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