The Amazing Story of A Missing Military Puppy


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“44 Days Out of Kandahar” is a remarkable book. Every word in it is true. I dare say that it will have you crying and cheering. LCDR Mark Feffer spent months doing everything a human could do to adopt the little puppy that stayed right by his side every single day in Afghanistan. Cinnamon was his best friend. They saved each other. And Mark swore he would never leave her behind to die. But the man he entrusted to bring her home did leave her behind – 7,000 miles from home. And NO-ONE knew where.

As an animal lover, and as someone who is part of our lifesaving rescue missions, you really should have this book. And you have 48 hours to do that. The way to do it? Become a member of our Sustainers Club with your $19 monthly contribution. I’ll send you this book as my thank you. There is no more important way to give to all we do than through the Sustainers Club.

I think of Cinnamon. She reminds me that nothing is hopeless. I think of Mark. He reminds me that anything is possible if you have the will to make it so. They remind me that the bond between man and dog is deep beyond words. And that’s why we do what we do. I am so grateful that you are with me in this. Because just like Mark and Cinnamon, you are the reason we’ve saved so many innocent animals from certain death. Today with just 48 hours until this offer ends, I am hoping that you will join the Sustainers Club with your $19 monthly contribution. And then I will send you, as my gift of thanks, “44 Days Our of Kandahar”.

With gratitude and hope,

Meredith Ayan
Executive Director

P.S. Right now, as I write you, there is a worried, heartbroken soldier who has asked us to save his animal from the horrors of the Middle East. This happens every week. And so I am asking you to give a little every single day – just sixty-two-cents – so we’ll have the funding on-hand whenever it’s time for a rescue mission. These animals can’t wait. We have one chance to get them. You can give them that chance.

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