The Death of a Wolf In The Wilderness


When a wolf dies in the wilderness does anyone remember?

In Memory of “Echo” Her call was silenced, but her legacy endures.

For 70 years, no wolf had been seen on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Then, late last year in 2014, there was an amazing sight-a beautiful, 3-year old female wolf, as majestic as the Canyon itself.

But Just as soon as we could celebrate, she was shot dead.

A hunter, apparently mistaking her for a coyote, killed her.  And this incredible wolf that had roamed from Wyoming to Arizona and then to Utah was no more- another tragic casualty of the war on wolves. 

We remember this extraordinary wolf, which some in the Southwest had called “Echo”, just as we remember OR-16, OR-9, 832F, the alpha female of the Huckleberry Pack and other wolves that have been senselessly killed in the past few years. And we dedicated ourselves anew that such extraordinary wild animals-so critical to their ecosystems and so much a part of our American wilderness-will one day be able to roam and recover across their natural habitat, with the protection they need to survive.

Today, please honor the memory of these wolves by making a generous donation to Defenders of Wildlife. Thank you.

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