The Flower Dog Project In S. Korea

LCA Launches The Flower Dog Project with Sister Organization Animal Liberation Wave
LCA has formed a sister organization in S. Korea, Animal Liberation Wave (ALW), with one mission in mind – to end the dog meat trade. Rescuing dogs, one-at-a-time is not the answer and will not put an end to this horrific industry. Only at the government level can change be accomplished.
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Now, with “boots-on-the-ground” in Korea, LCA and ALW are in a position to affect real change. With a series of strategic events planned, LCA and ALW aim to mobilize S. Koreans in their own country to call for the end of the dog meat trade.

LCA and ALW have launched The Flower Dog Project, a mobile art installation of 8 dogs touring S. Korea nationwide during the PyeongChang Olympics to bring awareness of the dog meat trade to the Korean public and international tourists. 2018 is the year of the Golden Dog and each flower dog has been given a special name to serve as a visual representation of the dogs suffering in the dog meat industry. Korean and global citizens are encouraged to sign the petition directed at the Korean government demanding the government to resolve the contradictory legal status of dogs into one: that of companion animals.

The Flower Dog Project at PyeongChang Olympics 2018
  • Sign the petition at asking S. Korea’s government to take a stand against dog meat.
  • Educate others about the dog meat trade and ask them to take action.
  • Make a donation today to help LCA continue the fight against dog meat.
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