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October saw the arrival of a dangerous storm in the Caribbean and along the East Coast with Hurricane Matthew. Thanks to your support, the HSUS and Humane Society International Animal Rescue Teams were on the ground on the East Coast and in Haiti saving animal lives.

In the United States, the Animal Rescue Team helped in two ways:

First, the team helped transport hundreds of animals from shelters on the coast to approximately 25 Emergency Placement Partners further north. In disaster situations like the one caused by Hurricane Matthew, shelters become quickly overwhelmed with newly lost or stray animals. That’s why it’s so important to make room for animals in need of shelter, and why we made the trip to South Carolina before Matthew even made landfall.

Secondly, the Animal Rescue Team was on the ground in South Carolina to help provide search and rescue efforts to animals affected by Matthew. In the days and weeks after the storm, its consequences continued to endanger the lives of people and pets. As swollen rivers crested, more people were forced from their homes, and many were forced to leave their beloved pets behind when flood waters rose so quickly that they barely escaped. The Animal Rescue Team answered calls from evacuated residents and traveled to evacuated homes by boat to rescue their animals.

Humane Society International also had two teams deployed in Haiti to conduct several emergency veterinary clinics in the areas hit hardest by the storm. Humanitarian relief in these areas has been almost nonexistant, leaving animals struggling for survival as their owners struggle to survive themselves. Many animals died in the storm, having been left tethered outside without shelter. A total of 1,500 animals were treated at these clinics, including cows, pigs, goats, sheep, chickens, equine, dogs and cats.

I am so grateful for your support, because we couldn’t do this without you.


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