The Selfish Stupidity of Humankind takes a baby Dolphins innocent life

Introduction by Jean Furs:

Consider yourself at the ocean with your toddler while you supervise play at the edge of the beach floor where the sand meets the waves.  Suddenly a mob of people approach you and pluck your toddler from your grasp admiring it’s uniqueness. Your helpless to help your child as you watch other people carry your baby away. After an hour or so of your baby being handled he/she starts to cry and you yell – let go of my baby its to much for a baby to take. Your baby is exhausted from being handled by strangers not knowing what they will do.  The mob of people ignore your voice and continue with their selfish acts of photographing your child, as they pass it around in the hot sun. Finally after hours the crowd loses interest and puts your baby down on the beach floor. This human mother is lucky to get her baby back alive, but the mother of this baby dolphin was not that lucky her baby died. This mother watches from the ocean water helpless to help her baby escape the grasp of selfish, self-centered humans who have no respect for her young babies life. She watches her baby die of dehydration at the hands of humans. She cries silent tears from the waters of the ocean as humans laugh and smile at their own selfies.   How ugly of a picture is this selfie?




A rare baby dolphin has died on the beach after selfish tourists pulled it from the ocean so they could take selfies with it.

Shocking footage from Santa Teresita beach in Buenos Aires, Argentina, shows the body of the marine mammal lying motionless on the floor as dozens of people surround it.

The Franciscana dolphin had been passed around between sun worshippers while they took out their phones and posed for pictures.

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Dumped: The baby dolphin was left to die in on the beach (Screengrab)

It was then dumped on the side to die from dehydration and overheating from exposure to the sun.

A spokesperson for the Argentine Wildlife Foundation (AWF) condemned the actions of the tourists.

They said: “This serves to inform the public about the urgent necessity to return these dolphins to the sea as soon as possible.”

The footage sparked fury from viewers, many taking to Twitter to vent their anger at the actions of those on the beach.

The Franciscana dolphin is listed as a ‘vulnerable’ species as there are just 30,000 left on the planet and are only found in the southeastern parts of South America.

The SWF spokesperson added: ”It is fundamental that people help to rescue these animals, because every Franciscana counts now.“



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