Stop The Slaughter of Thousands of Highly Intelligent Dolphins every year in Taiji Japan

We urge SeaWorld Entertainment to help stop the barbaric slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan by denouncing the one organization that can effectively halt this atrocity.

SeaWorld is a corporation with massive global influence in the marine park industry. They’ve set many standards that parks and animal trainers around the world emulate. Their dogged public relations strategy is that they’re focused on contributing to the conservation of animals, “Conservation is our mission” along with rescues and animal welfare. This is their very strong corporate message in all their literature, “SeaWorld Cares” is their new motto. Joel Manby, CEO, has publicly stated that they do not support the annual dolphin captures and slaughters that occur in Taiji, Japan.

International Marine Animal Trainers’ Association (IMATA) is a paid membership association made up of dolphin trainers throughout the world. They also claim to oppose the “mass slaughter.” The 1st item in their Code of Ethics is “Exercising the highest levels of respect and humaneness for all animals.” This statement is hypocritical as they literally sanction the torture of dolphins! IMATA allows their trainers to stand alongside those that slaughter the animals inhumanely herded into the cove, to hand pick the “prettiest” unscarred dolphins to purchase for up to $300,000. IMATA knows full well of the atrocity that occurs, yet year after year, they allow their paying members to buy dolphins in Taiji.

Thousands of cetaceans are brutally slaughtered in Taiji every year and other drive fisheries, endangering their numbers. The captivity industry is inextricably linked. Taiji is the international hub of dolphin capture and slaughter of these highly intelligent marine mammals. Those that aren’t sold to trainers are sold for around $500 and butchered for the meat, although the vast majority of citizens in Japan don’t consume it. They’re aware of the high levels of toxic chemicals that Japanese scientists have found in the meat. Mercury, PCB’s, dioxins and benzenes all lead to serious health risks if consumed. Read more:

Thousands of people all over the world protest the annihilation on Sept. 1 every year, the day the hunts commence in Taiji. SeaWorld trainer’s make up a large part of IMATA’s membership.They’re hosting the 2016 IMATA conference at the Bahia Resort Hotel in San Diego, Nov 13 – 18.

Mr. Manby AND IMATA are fully aware that their members are ripping dolphin families apart; aware that babies are thrown back to sea only to die without their mothers, and fully aware that dolphins witness their entire pod being brutally slaughtered while swimming in their family’s blood. This is in direct contraindication to their “Code of Ethics.” This has to stop, but it has to begin with IMATA disallowing their members to buy from Taiji, and ALL drive fisheries. When the demand for cetaceans stops, so will the slaughters.

This petition will be delivered to:

  • CEO, SeaWorld Entertainment

    Joel Manby

  • Director of Communications, SeaWorld Entertainment

    Susan L. Story

  • Chairman of the Board of the Directors, SeaWorld Entertainment

    David F. D’Alessandro

  • Animal Cruelty
  • Seaworld
  • Taiji dolphin
  • Marine parks
  • Activism-Advocacy

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    It’s yet another horrific season of cruel, barbaric dolphin slaughters in Taiji, Japan. I can’t thank you enough for signing my petition in an effort to get SeaWorld to…
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    12 – 15 Risso’s Dolphins were slaughtered moments ago, many torn from their family for a life of slavery at Dolphinariums that IMATA members will buy. This…
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 This is not only extremely brutal, inhuman and unfair but it is endangering this intelligent species dramatically. I will fight against this in any way that I can.
Melissa Horsman, Scottsdale, AZ
13 hours ago

I am at a loss for words every time I hear about this barbaric dolphins massacre in Japan. I will NEVER support Japan in ANYTHING while this unconscionable act continues. This has to STOP!………PLEEEASE. DON’T have words for how I feel. SICK TO MY STOMACHE.

Margaret Jordan, Paulden, AZ
13 hours ago

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