The Toxic Substances Control Act [TSCA] Signed Legislation

Dear Jean,

Last week, President Obama signed a piece of legislation that may prove to be the most important animal protection gain in the entire 114th Congress. And it wouldn’t have happened without you.

The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) upgrades a 40-year-old federal law regulating the use of chemicals, and contains — for the first time in any broader environmental and health protection statute — an explicit decree from Congress to minimize animal testing.

The inclusion of this language will almost certainly accelerate the movement away from animal tests for chemicals, pesticides, biocides, cosmetics, and other potentially dangerous substances. It’s a big step toward a better future for mice, rats and birds — animals who are not included in the minimal standards of care required under the Animal Welfare Act.

The passage of TSCA is the latest in a string of victories against animal testing. Last year, Humane Society International worked with the EU to adopt new guidelines for animal testing that could potentially spare 2.6 million animals from the effects of painful skin and eye tests. In 2013, India and the EU both banned cosmetic animal testing and trade. And in 2015 we convinced Brazil, Canada, the EU, and India to delete a notorious one-year dog pesticide-poisoning study requirement.

This progress points toward a future that was difficult to imagine just a decade ago; a future where cruel and inhumane animal testing has been superseded by technological development.

This is the humane economy in action — a push to reduce animal suffering, along with groundbreaking scientific advances, combining to create a brighter future for all animals.

And we have you to thank, Jean. Your generous support and passionate advocacy are two sides of the same coin, and together they ensure that the march toward a more humane world continues. Thank you so much for everything you do for animals.


Wayne Pacelle
President and CEO
The Humane Society of the United States
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