The Trump Administration Has Just Threatened the Existence of African Elephants

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Did you hear? The Trump administration has just threatened the future of African elephants by reversing the ban on elephant hunt trophies.1 ACT NOW: Tell Pres. Trump that elephants are worth saving.

Unless we reverse current trends, elephants are in danger of extinction. Just a few decades ago, there were millions of these majestic and intelligent creatures roaming the earth. Now there are just 415,000.2

The steep population drop is in large part due to hunting and poaching for their ivory tusks.3

The solution? We need to do everything we can to preserve and enlarge African elephants’ natural habitat, and create systems that encourage people to protect, not poach these creatures. To get there, we need to stop incentivizing hunting. We need to keep the ban on bringing back “trophies” from killing these vulnerable animals.

When President Trump heard that his Secretary of the Interior was going to lift the ban on trophy hunting imports back in November, he acted to keep the ban in place. Four months later, we now know that his administration is still granting permits to bring these hunting trophies back into the U.S.

With enough public outcry, we know we can win on this again — it’s how we got the ban in the first place, and how we brought the ban back in November. Tell Pres. Trump that elephants are worth saving.

There are just 415,000 African elephants left in the world. Our children and grandchildren should have the chance to see these elephants in the wild, or even just know that they inhabit this amazing planet.

We can’t let elephants become an artifact of the past. We need to help African elephants thrive and have a future. Act now: Tell President Trump our world is a better place with elephants.

Thank you for taking action,

The Environmental Action team

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