Trump’s Proposal Would Contaminate Drinking Water, Pollute Environment & Kill Bees


Trying to give the pesticide industry free rein to poison us and our environment. 

Last month, he proposed drastic budget cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency. These cuts would affect critical programs that protect our environment and public health from toxic pesticides.

Trump’s proposal would contaminate our drinking water, pollute our environment and kill bees. But Congress has to sign off on the plan. So we need your help to push your Senators to stop this attack on public health and the environment.

Tell your Senators: Don’t let Trump hand the pesticide industry a license to poison people and pollinators!

Trump’s budget would reduce funding for pesticide program implementation by 33 percent. This would mean stripping protections for workers, our water, and bees, butterflies and other pollinators from pesticides. It could also mean an increase in pesticide use.

The proposal also eliminates grant funding to help states and tribes implement programs for farm worker protection from pesticides. And it would eliminate the Chemical Safety Board, which investigates accidents at chemical facilities and pushes for greater regulation of the chemical industry.

Trump’s attempt to eliminate and reduce these programs would be disastrous for public health and the environment. But it will benefit his Big Polluter friends. We can’t let him get away with it!

Tell your Senators to stop Trump from gutting our protections from pesticides.

Trump has tried to fill his government with Monsanto hacks — all while pushing scientists to leave their jobs at the EPA. At the same time, he’s trying to eliminate our environmental protections at every turn.

This proposed budget is just the latest attempt to put the interests of pesticide companies like Bayer and Monsanto over public health and the environment.

We can hold Trump and our elected officials accountable to ensure they don’t hand our environment over to the pesticide industry. We need your help to urge your member of Congress to stop this proposed budget dead in its tracks.

Tell Congress: Reject any budget that protects pesticide industry profits over public health, bees and butterflies and the environment!

Standing with you,
Tiffany Finck-Haynes,
Senior food futures campaigner,
Friends of the Earth


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