Two Types of Pet Owners- Which One Do You Identify With?

Written by: Jean Furs

Two Types of Pet Owners – Which One Do You Identify With? Excluding Abusive Ones.

I’ve been loving animals for a very long time and now pet sitting for many years. I observe people and get to notice how they treat or don’t treat their animals. I’ve come across two different types of pet owners and I’d like to write about them today.

Some pet owners give me detailed instructions and offer me insight into the personality of their pets; while others point me toward the food bowls so I know what to put the food into yet giving me little or no detail about their pets.   

First some facts that some of you may not be aware of. Did you know that animals get all the same illnesses and diseases that people do? Are you aware they get ulcers, high blood pressure, stokes, heart disease, cancer and feel anxiety to name a few? They feel pain even though some people don’t want to believe it. Maybe it’s a pet owner’s way of compensating for their own lack of knowledge or empathy [feeling] for their animals. If you don’t acknowledge what your animals are feeling or trying to tell you of course you don’t need to do anything about it. I’m guessing maybe that’s it.  Of course these are only guesses about why anyone would deny another animal the right to feel.

Without getting off the beaten track, here are the two types of pet owners and a definition for both.

  1. Pet Owners that are very loving toward their animals; treating them like they are family. They care about their animals individualized needs, making sure they are met. They have respect for their pets feelings and needs.
  2. Pet Owners who love to have a pet around when they feel lonely and want to pet them for their own comfort, rarely worrying about their piece of property and what their pet needs.

Now that it’s in writing and you’re reading these definitions you might want to decide which pet owner you are.

If you are like pet owner No.1 rest assured your pets treat you with the same respect you give to them. They come running to greet you when you walk into the door whether you have a cat a dog or a guinnea pig.

If you are like pet owner No.2 don’t expect much from your pet because you’re pet isn’t getting much from you except a roof over their head, a meal to keep them alive, and some attention when you feel like you need attention yourself.

To those of you that have identified with pet owner No.1 I’d like to say your doing the right thing for your family members. To those of you that are pet owners like No. 2 you might consider reading up on how animals feel, while looking at your pet more like a loving individual and less like a piece of property.  We can all learn something from this article.

Take good care of your sensitive loving animals who are just waiting for pet owner No. 2 to realize who they really are and what they really need, which is love and understanding in addition to their meals. 








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