U.S. Senators Must Stop Endangering Wildlife – Stop Them Before March 23rd,2018

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Wolves and other endangered species are on the chopping block — again.

The Senate is poised to sneak anti-wildlife policies into a must-pass spending bill this month, including one that would open the door to trophy hunting of gray wolves around the Great Lakes.

The good news is that more than 30 senators have already spoken out against these add-ons, or “riders”, and we only need 41 to filibuster and stop these proposals.1

Senators Blumenthal & Murphy have already said they oppose these riders — thank them today, and ask them to keep holding the line for wolves and wildlife.

After two government shutdowns, Congress is scrambling to pass one giant funding bill for the remainder of the fiscal year. That bill is going to be thousands of pages long, and it must pass by March 23rd to keep the government open. So senators are using it to try and sneak through dozens of policies that are terrible for wildlife, public lands, and clean water.

Some of the most dangerous riders would:

  • Erase Endangered Species Act protections for gray wolves, opening them up to hunting, trapping and habitat loss around the Great Lakes, while barring the courts from intervening.
  • Declare red wolves extinct and end their recovery program, even though we know there are still at least two dozen living in the wild.
  • Erase protections for more than 900 other species that are overdue for US Fish & Wildlife Service reviews — even though the review backlog is a result of repeated Congressional budget cuts.

The reintroduction of gray wolves to the wild in the 1990s is a powerful testament to America’s dedication to this often misunderstood creature and the wildness it represents.

We can’t stay silent as the Senate prepares to erase the very protections that brought wolves back from the brink – and we only have until March 23rd to make our voices heard.

Thank Senators Blumenthal & Murphy for opposing these riders so far — and ask them to keep standing with wolves and wildlife.

Wolves should be able to thrive, not just survive — and Endangered Species Act protections have been critical for bringing wolves and hundreds of other species back from the brink of extinction.

Thank you for taking environmental action,

The Environmental Action team

1. “Booker, Senate Dems Urge Leadership to Protect Endangered Species Act in Spending Bill“, November 30, 2017.


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