Underground Dog Fighting Must End – Stop Fighting Innocent Animal Victims

Animal Victims Need You Now
It's Kill or Be Killed
You don’t want to think about animals suffering anywhere, let alone in your own neighborhood. And you may never see the victims—the scars, bite wounds, the anguish on the faces of dogs raised to fight.

But underground dogfighting goes on every day, and it may be closer than you think. In a barn, warehouse, apartment building, a back alley, in the middle of the woods… Dogs are chained or caged in isolation, until they’re thrown in a pit and forced to fight. Then, it’s kill or be killed.

We need your help to stop such heinous cruelty and to rescue animal victims.

Dogfighting is a felony in all 50 states, yet this despicable, for-profit blood sport occurs in secret in every part of the country, in every type of community. The number of people involved in dog fighting is estimated in the tens of thousands—causing untold suffering for the animals they abuse.

Fights last from minutes to hours, and even the survivors face a grim fate: Dogs who lose are often brutally discarded. Dogs who win go back on the chain to fight again.

But you can be a part of the ASPCA’s efforts to end the violence—and free dogs like these from lives of cruelty. As a member, you help support criminal investigations. You help rescue and shelter animal victims, and rehabilitate dogs so they can be adopted into loving homes. And you help put animal abusers behind bars. Please give today and help break the chain of abuse.


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