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I have traveled throughout the world and witnessed the suffering of animals — from dancing bears mistreated in Asia to pigs and chickens raised in the U.S. that are living in horrific conditions. I have long wanted to be a part of an organization that moved the world to protect these animals. I am very honored and proud to be the new US Executive Director for World Animal Protection.

World Animal Protection believes that if we help people understand how their actions affect animals and inspire them to change their behavior accordingly, the lives of billions of animals will be improved. Good animal welfare is fundamental to community wellbeing, food production and agricultural systems, the environment, public health and a sustainable planet.

World Animal Protection doesn’t just talk about helping animals, we take measurable action:

  • We will transform the lives of at least 1 billion farm animals by 2020 by working with major influential food businesses, securing their commitment and action to phase out the worst methods of production and replace them with more humane alternatives.
  • By 2020 we will save 1 million marine animals including tens of thousands of whales, seals, dolphins, turtles and birds, from being accidentally killed by ghost fishing gear.
  • We will benefit the lives of at least 50 million dogs by 2020. We will do this by persuading the governments of 25 strategically important countries to adopt humane and ethical dog population management policies and practices.
  • By 2020 we will directly benefit the lives of at least 5 million animals through our disaster response work.

Most recently, World Animal Protection has been working with social media and travel companies, including Instagram and TripAdvisor, to educate tourists about the hidden cruelty behind the scenes of cruel wildlife attractions, like elephant rides and tiger selfies. We have rescued the last two dancing bears in Nepal, bringing this cruel industry to an end in the country. We also have made progress in China, obtaining a landmark agreement with Da Bei Nong, one of China’s leading agricultural producers, and the International Cooperation Committee of Animal Welfare (ICCAW) to improve the lives of pigs in farming. The Global Ghost Gear Initiative we founded has brought attention to the dangers of abandoned fishing gear for marine life, changing practices worldwide.

With your support, we can achieve all this and more. I look forward to working with you and would like your feedback on our organization and our work. Please complete our survey to help us learn more about your interests.

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Thank you for partnering with World Animal Protection.

Alesia_S_100x100_US_ED.jpg All the best, 

Alesia Soltanpanah
Executive Director, US

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