Victory For Wyoming Wolves – Hunt Cancelled

From the Center for Biological Diversity 9-23-14,

 Huge news for Wyoming’s Wolves: The Hunt is Cancelled!

We just received a court ruling restoring Endangered Species Act protections for the state’s embattled wolf population.  This was the long-shot legal battle we weren’t predicted to win, but th elaw prevailed and Wyoming’s wolf slaughter stops today—just days before trophy hunting was set to begin.

The court found that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wrongly relied on state management to secure a future for wolves in wyoming.  In addition to the annual trophy hunt, Wyoming crueltly designated wolves as predatory animals–which meant they could be shot on sight in more than 80 percent of the state.  And in state-sanctioned hunts many beloved wolves wandered from Yellowstone National Park to be killed.  We’re overjoyed that these wolves once again have the federal protections they desperately need.

But the battle doesn’t end here.  The wolf-haters will regroup, and the Center for our partners will be there to fight them again.  We won this crucial battle because of contributions to the Predator Defense Fund. Contributors made this happen.

For the wolves,

Kieran Suckling, Executive Director-Center for Biological Diversity,

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