When Disaster Strikes – Take Your Animals with You

Taken from the Saturday Ausust 20, 2016 Republican-American, Waterbury, Connecticut

I took this article out of the newspaper because the family named here found their house in smoldering ruines – after asking animal rescue volunteers to go check on their animals. If this family fleed the flames they should have thought enough about their family pets to either take them with them or at least open the windows and doors so the animals could get out and not be burned alive.

Here is the article: 

At least 96 homes destroyed by fire

PHELAN, Calif. – More people returned to their homes Friday as firefighters made significant progress against a huge wildfire burning in Southern California’s San Bernardino National Forest, but that was tempered by the announcement that at least 96 homes and 213 outbuildings were destroyed.

Johanna Santore was among those left homeless. She was running an errand Tuesday when the fire charged through her neighborhood. She tried to rush home to rescue the family’s four dogs, six cats and hamster but was blocked by closed roads.

Frantic for answers, she posted messages about her pts on Facebook. A group of animal rescue volunteers saw her pleas and offered to check on her animals.

They found the house in smoldering ruines-with no signs of pets. “I’m actually feeling numb,” said Santore, who fled with her husband and granddaughter to an evacuation center. “It’s like a nightmare.”

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