When It’s Warm Leave Dogs At Home

From: People From The Ethical Treatment Of Animals

Don’t Let Your Dog Get Hot Under The Collar

On a warm day, the inside of a parked car heats up extremely quickly.  In a matter of minutes-even with the windows slightly opened – the temperature inside the care can reach 160 degrees.  A hot car interferes with a dog’s normal cooling process.

They cannot perspire, they can only pant. With only hot air to breathe, dogs and other animals can suffer irreparable brain damage and even die from heatstroke in just a few minutes.  Even open windows or parking in the shade won’t prevent an animal getting overheated. 

What You Can Do.  Learn the signs of heat exhaustion- heavy panting, glazed eyes, rapid pulse, dizziness, vomiting or deep red or purple tongue-and take immediate emergency action if you suspect an animal is in danger.  Call the police or your local humane society for help if there is enough time.

First try to find the car’s owner. Note the license plate number and try having the owner paged inside the store.  Tell him or her that it’s illegal to leave an animal in a hot car and that the animal is in danger.

Although it’s technically illegal to break into someone’s car, you must decide whether the benefits of rescuing an animal at risk of dying outweigh the legal consequences of breaking a car window.

If possible, move the animal into an air-conditioned place. At the very least, move the animal into the shade.

Immerse the animal in cold water until his or her body temperature lowers.

Allow the animal to lick ice cubes, do not give an unlimited amount of cold water.

Get the animal to a veterinarian immediately.

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