Why Humans Are Thankful For Their Dogs

True Story: Why I’m Thankful for My Dog

dog-loveThis year, those of us at Rover—fanatical dog lovers through and through—turned the microphone to our community to ask: “Why are you thankful for your dog?” Hundreds of pet parents from coast to coast chimed in on Facebook with stories both hilarious and heartwarming to share their gratitude.

Dogs: They warm our seats when we’re away; they lick our plates when we’re done eating (and sometimes when we’re not quite done…); they snuggle us when we’re down and frolic with us when we’re happy. From their famous loyalty to their dedicated protection, from a shoulder to cry on to a source of endless laughs, this Thanksgiving let’s all take a moment to show our dogs how much they mean to us.

Here are a just few of our community’s stories. To read the rest, visit our Facebook page.

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They Make Us Laugh

“Thankful for Journey, who is my official food taster. He’s like my agent, demands 10% of everything I get, and not once has the mailman ever broken into the house. He sees to that.” —Mark C.

“Never a dull moment!”

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 6.34.03 PMI am thankful for all the ways Tayla brings joy to our lives. From trying to get the old cat to play to thinking she is a lap dog. Never a dull moment!” —Kaeleen B.

“Craig is the best snuggler in the world. Even though it’s usually annoying, every once in awhile I’m tickled by the amount of dog hair on all my black clothes.” —Emma L.

“I’m tickled by the amount of dog hair on all my black clothes.”

“I am thankful that Lucy makes me laugh every single day!” —Shawn A.

They Save Our Lives

“I am thankful for my dog Cookie because in September of 2012, my dog saved my life. She barked uncontrollably that night until I was awakened. When I went to pick her up, I felt a very sharp pain—so bad that I went to the hospital. Thank god I did because the doctors found out my appendix was about to burst and if it wasn’t for Cookie barking and waking me up, I could have died. My family and I love that dog to pieces.” —Michele K.

“My dog saved my life.”

I’m thankful for my Lab, Stoney Bear, because he saved my life. We were playing fetch in the back yard on a hot Florida evening when I suddenly passed out cold. He quickly ran to the front of our house where my husband was, and furiously barked until my husband found me, laying not far from a fire ant hill. An ambulance was called; turned out to be a heat stroke. If it wasn’t for my Stoney Bear, I’d have been on the ground and stung by angry fire ants. I love him with all of my heart!” —Cynthia N.

“I am thankful for Calli my black lab. When I fell ill from medication, I happen to live alone and I had collapsed. Calli had sent out a shrill to let the neighboring dogs get their owners to come out. Thanks to her, the other dogs in the neighborhood got their owners to come over to my house to help me. I will never forget that moment. Now I realize that dog spelled backwards is “God”! Thank you Calli from the bottom of my heart .” —Richard D.

They Help Us Through Hard Times

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 6.39.09 PM“I am so completely thankful for my Link and Zelda. When I got out of the military earlier this year, I had moved to a completely new place with only my husband. I got Zelda the very next day and Link two weeks later. They took away all my loneliness, taught me how to adjust and be humble, made me feel brave walking down the street because they are with me, and let me hug them and cry when I needed someone to be there. They are the best friends I’ve ever had in my life, and I know now I will never be alone with them there by my side.” —Meagan S.

“They are the best friends I’ve ever had in my life.”

I am thankful for my dog Cordelia, who has helped me through the pain of losing my father last Christmas and my brother about a month ago. I couldn’t ask for a better dog.” —Bradley B.

“Happiness is a warm puppy.”

“My Miss Abigail, my little empty nest girl. When my last child left for college I was feeling alone. I went to a toy fox terrier breeder, this wee girl chose me! For the past eleven plus years we have hung out together. She loves to shop, take long walks on the beach, warm my lap and my heart. We go everywhere together, two for the road. She is tiny, has eaten at many restaurants—some knew, some never saw her under the blanket. Happiness is a warm puppy.” —Kasey B.

“I’m thankful for my dog Zaboo, he’s helped me get through the hardest times of my life. He usually hates snuggling but when he senses I’m in a depressed mood, he’ll always come cuddle. He’s a protective lil runt when it comes to me, making me feel special (LOL). I wouldn’t trade him for all the money in the world.” —Zarizil H.

They Teach Us How to Love

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 6.37.31 PM“I am thankful for my senior friend, Pete. Though we’ve only had him two of his twelve years, he has enriched our lives in so many ways. Being deaf, almost blind, and only having four teeth have not dampened his spirit! He has taught me how to live in the moment, love unconditionally, and never give up! For that I will always be grateful!” —Beth B. 

“He has taught me how to live in the moment, love unconditionally, and never give up.”

“I am thankful for my dog Cricket for teaching me to accept the love of a dog. I’ve never been a huge dog person and didn’t grow up with any. I was hesitant for a long time to get a dog because I wasn’t sure I could handle the changes I would have to make. When I finally made the decision to just look, I met my girl Cricket at an adoption event and knew almost instantly that I was making the right decision. Her energy and instant love were so inspiring. From the day we brought her home I’ve done a complete turn around and get so excited to meet new dogs, just as Cricket does! I hear a lot that a dog’s behavior and energy are a reflection of their owner, but I also feel that Cricket’s love for other dogs has rubbed off on me. She has been a great friend while I live 15 hours from home and don’t know many people. Love my girl so much, she’s changed my life more than I ever knew she could!” —Margaret B.

“No human offers the same unconditional love that you get from a dog.”

“I am so thankful to have my Bernie. As a senior living alone, there aren’t a lot of reasons to jump out of bed every morning and no one to greet me except my smiling Bernie, who nuzzles me and patiently waits ’til I am limber enough to take him for his long morning walk.He snuggles when it’s chilly and is always so happy to see me when I go out and return. His regular visits to the doggie park give me the exercise I need and brings joy as I watch him play with his friends there. He’s the light of my life now and I can’t imagine life without him.” —Jan G.

They Love Us Unconditionally

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 6.40.35 PMI am so thankful for my Sugar! She keeps me smiling with her love of ‘sun bathing,’ she tells me when she has done something wrong and her gentle spirit knows when to just sit with me after a long day. Thank you Sugar for just loving me! Xoxo.” —Suzanne M. 

“I am thankful for the companionship and loyalty from Bailey and Sophie. No human offers the same unconditional love that you get from a dog. I am thankful for the entertainment and for giving me something to smile and laugh about every day. I am thankful for my cuddle buddies. I am especially thankful for the memories I am able to make with my girls, they fill my heart with joy.” —Donna E.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 6.43.19 PM“I’m thankful that they are so happy to see me every time I come home. Their unconditional love is unbeatable!!” —Jamie P.

“I am thankful for the entertainment and for giving me something to smile and laugh about every day.”

“I am thankful for the happiness my babies can bring me every day. Whether it is the excitement they show when I come home from a long day at work or how they cuddle me and give me kisses when I’m crying and sad. Even on my worst days, seeing my dogs brings my heart so much joy.” —Keilani P.

“Even on my worst days, seeing my dogs brings my heart so much joy.”

“Doesn’t matter what type of the day I have had. He is always happy to see me.” —Joey F.

They’re Just Plain Cute

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 6.35.44 PM“As someone who works from home, I am so thankful to always have a little furry and loving assistant at my side to keep me company, and offer some adorable distraction from time to time.” —Drew B.

“Why? Because she keeps me honest and on my toes, plus she gives me all kinds of unconditional love and we are the best of buds! AND that nose!!!!!” —Jennifer H.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Rover. We’re thankful for our dogs, and we’re thankful for our incredible community that loves their dogs as fiercely as we do.

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