Wildlife and Wildlands in Danger-Oppose Bill No. S2363 Sportsmen’s Act” Legislature Is Voting BY July 10th, 2014


From The Humane Society of The United States

The U.S. Senate will soon be voting on the dangerous “Sportsmen’s Act”, a radical handout to extreme trophy hunting groups.

In a single swoop, this legislation would open millions of acres of public lands — including sensitive Wilderness Areas — to hunting and fur trapping, at the expense of other land users and endangered and threatened species. It would prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from even considering the issue of toxic lead ammunition which poisons wildlife and the environment. And it would permit the latest in a series of import allowances for sport-hunted polar bear trophies from Canada, encouraging trophy hunters to escalate the killing of threatened species around the globe.

Your senators need to hear from you right now. Please make a brief, polite phone call today to Sen. Richard Blumenthal (202) 224-2823 and Sen. Chris Murphy (202) 224-4041 urging them to oppose S. 2363, the “Sportsmen’s Act.” And don’t forget to send a follow-up message»
Wayne Pacelle
Wayne Pacelle, President & CEO

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