World Wildlife Day- Respect Wildlife They Are Just Trying to Live


Today is World Wildlife Day, and this year it’s all about big cats.

From Florida panthers to jaguars to tigers – these powerful and graceful predators have been declining at an alarming rate across the globe. Humans pose the biggest threat to big cats, but we also have the power to save them.

This World Wildlife Day, you can make a difference for big cats and other imperiled wildlife by making a symbolic adoption from Defenders’ Wildlife Adoption & Gifts Center. Enter promo code BIGCATS at checkout and receive 25% off any of our cat adoption kits.

Every adoption will help fund our critical work on behalf of big cats like jaguars and Florida panthers – and even not-so-big cats like the Canada lynx. But it’s not just cats – your adoption will also help other amazing threatened and endangered animals.

Please consider symbolically adopting one of these big cats in honor of World Wildlife Day!

Thank you for all you do for wildlife. Happy World Wildlife Day!

P.S. Don’t forget to use the promo code BIGCATS for 25% off your symbolic cat adoption! Or call 1-800-385-9712 to make your purchase or adoption over the phone: Monday to Friday9am – 6pm EST.

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